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Why do I write?

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. I like talking to people, but not all the time. I like seeing, hearing, and listening to people talk about their passions. Communicating with others is important to me. I guess after all, I am a social creature. Writing is a way to immortalise my thoughts in some form. I think too fast. I think about too many things at the same time. I find it hard to focus. Writing helps me focus. Right now I'm focusing on just writing what I think about this particular subject, writing, is about. I like reading other people's thoughts. More so if the person is talking about things that interest me. There are a lot of things that interest me. I like listening to music that isn't radio-friendly. I like taking photographs of sceneries. I like technology and gadgets. I don't like conflict. And there's too many of that in the world right now. I do like discussion though. I like having a friendly debate. I like having my opinion changed with

Google your name. Do you like what you see?

It was only until a few years ago when you could still say to people "I can't be found online" and wear it as a badge of honour. Today however it's much different. Whether we like it or not, some piece of information about our personal self will be available online. What kind of information will greatly influence how people see us. The Business Conference Test Picture this: You're at a massive conference. Hundreds of people, probably several thousands, and they're all at attendance at this conference. You're there, browsing the wares, services, and meeting with many new people. How do you introduce yourself? You say your first and last name. That's the expected and professional way. You don't tell the other person that your name is "Smithies1975". There are several wrong things about this, one of which is putting your year of birth in your username, which is another topic for another time. But the main takeaway is that you do