20 Days / 20 Albums - My all-time top 20 albums! Starting off with #20

Strapping Young Lad - City

Why am I doing a Top 20?

This has become a popular post around my social media circles, and after a few nominations from friends (you post an album and nominate someone to do the same, which I won't be doing here) I might as well get it out of the way.

Music is a HUGE part of me, and I've always been meaning to write something along these lines. I might as well start now!

I've compiled my list, and I'm starting off with #20!

Alan Gurling's Top 20 Albums - #20 "City" by Strapping Young Lad

Highlight track - "All Hail The New Flesh"

Why this album?

Several reasons. I think mainly, this album is the most effective in pacifying me.

The main track off of the album (in the aforementioned link) is also my personal favourite and pretty much encompasses what I mean by being "pacified".

The meaning of the song is "transcendence" (a theme Devin Townsend, the vocalist, uses quite often in his music) - transcending from the mediocre, to the crazy awesome (that video mashup with Akira pretty much is a good example).

When things don't go my way, when life is getting a bit unbearable, when people just step all over you... you rise. You rise above it. You rise above that mediocrity and push forward. This song, and this album is the perfect soundtrack to your rebound.

Then you have Devin Townsend's vocal performance. The dude has XXL lungs. The aggression is there but he's also brutally melodic. The fact that Gene Hoglan is behind the drum kit for the album just rounds up how awesome this record truly is.

My main problem with this album is that I can't seem to find the brakes...


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