I like taking photos of... Clouds

Clouds hovering over the South of England. Taken using a Pentax KP and Tamron 70-300.
This is the start of a series of posts focusing on my photography. I'm starting off with my most recent photograph in my Instagram:

I love clouds. Probably because when I was younger, being accustomed to the various cumulonimbus formations you get used to seeing in tropical Philippines, I was fascinated by how they formed.

One memory I vividly remember was when Mount Pinatubo erupted. Some of the most otherworldly clouds I've seen in my life were during of that time.

Another fascinating observation I've made is that cloud formations tend to differ massively depending on where in the world you are. A great example is of how the rarity of the aforementioned cumulonimbus appears in London. At the very least it was nowhere near the sizes back in the Philippines.

Cumulnimbus Cloud

Clouds are a small but important part of our ecosystem. I appreciate the beauty that they bring, how they can easily complement and make a scene.

I enjoyed writing this short blog post, and I hope to continue sharing my thoughts on various things, and why I take photos of things, and I why I do photography in general.


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