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Visiting the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

The entrance to the museum Every week, I try to take out my son Therion and go visit interesting places. We were supposed to go to this museum somewhere near Russell Square in London, but found out at the last minute that it was only open from 1pm! The Oxford University Museum of Natural History (quite a mouthful) is a favourite of ours. About an hours drive from West London, with easy parking near it (provided you arrive early), there's quite a lot to see. Everything is packed and all the space is used up Compared to the Natural History Museum in London which is massive, the one here in Oxford is considerably smaller. I found it to be a nice surprise that even with the small space, there's a lot to see and the curators have managed to make use of all available space to fill the museum with pieces. The architecture is nice, and my son Therion easily calls this as one of his favourites. Having a bit of fun with the bust There are dinosaurs, there are anima

Helping a subject matter expert go online

I have a colleague at work, let's call her SJ, and we got talking about how our day jobs aren't really giving us anything back. There's not a lot of fulfilment that we get out of our roles. I asked her. "What is it that you really like doing?" She tells me that she's passionate about shopping, beauty & makeup, and dining at restaurants. She showed me photos of some of the food that she found interesting in some of the restaurants. I noticed that she showed a particular expertise in those fields that she said she liked. She was a subject matter expert in those things, and she probably wasn't even fully aware of it. So I thought that I should help her. I thought of an elevator pitch which involved her thinking about how other people would find her perspective useful. I told her about the benefits of having a journal, a blog, where one can write their thoughts down. We're setting up the blog later this afternoon. I think th

Why am I blogging?

That's a good question. I guess the main reason, is to practice what I preach. Every day, I meet with many people. Each one having a story to tell. After all, we all have our respective journeys on this planet, and more often that not, we all have our own struggles. Almost everyone doesn't have it easy. So, practicing what I preach. What do I preach? I preach to people that if they are passionate about something, then write about it. The process of writing about something, is also a learning process. When you write about something, you learn about it, you research it, you become quite an expert on that particular field. There's a lot of things that I like. My particular problem is that I don't have the time to pursue all of those things! Hopefully with this blog of mine, I'll start writing about those things, and become more of an expert in those things I am passionate about.